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Shipping Container Surveys

is an independent established section of our group offering an excellent service to selected companies at the most competitive rates.

We provide a reliable, professional and cost effective survey service whose reports are concise, factual and professionally presented to be user friendly and include photographic and/or video evidence where necessary.

We have always continually strengthened our reputation and status, our success is based on a solid foundation of shipping container expertise, experience and above all financial awareness. In addition to its South Coast surveyor staff, we have located around the country the capacity and potential resources to accept instructions over the whole of the United Kingdom and even Worldwide.

With past and current Military projects we have learned to be flexible and to overcome and adapt to the needs of our clients. We build a close relationship with the client, which leads to trust and a comfortable working environment.

At all times we know we are the ambassador for that client. We can help your company respond quickly and decisively with a first class surveying and/or inspection service. This is backed up by a very efficient administration operation.

We are IICL 5 accredited and work to their guidelines. We are Ministry Of Defence, NHS, Shipping line appointed shipping container surveyors, and work with most container logistics companies.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Fabrication and Site Services UK.

Container surveyor usually conducts inspections, surveys and examinations of container equipment either before or after a company lease a container to make sure the container is in the desired condition and operationally serviceable.

A lot of the time leasing shipping lines and operators instruct a surveyor to check stocks in a way of safeguard themselves, but surveying containers is also important for cargo owners. Imagine your customer wants to transport high value goods and products? In that case, you would instruct a surveying company like ours to make sure the containers you want to use are cargo grades. In general, you can choose different types of inspections, but usually, container surveying as we do ensures at the time of inspection containers are safe and cargo grade for transit.